What is for

Eli Social Buttons is a CSS Library which gives you 28800 possibilities to chose from. Based on Font Awesome, you can find a lot of icons which offers you an advantage to link your website with all your social media or to interconnect many links inside your website just clicking on a nice button.

The library is very simple to use, doesn't affect your loading page speed and can be a star in your pocket.


  • 28800 combinations

  • 240 icons

  • 3 types of shapes

  • 5 sizes

  • works on all important browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera)

  • easy and clean documentation

How to use it

The installation can be found in live preview and click on Documentation Button from navigation bar. Also on navigation bar you can find other 3 dropdown buttons: <strong>Shape</strong>, <strong>Theme</strong>, <strong>Size</strong>; switch between options to check all buttons available. Click on desired button and you can obtain a preview of the button selected and the html code.

More info about how to use it, you can find in documentation section.


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